Bristol Lutheran Church

6835 North Hwy N
Sun Prairie, WI


Worship:      Wednesday Night @ 6:30 PM        Sunday Morning @ 9 AM 


"Bristol is a welcoming, giving, family-centered, congregation invested in the 
lives of one another and the community.  We are small, but we do big things!" 

Worship with the community!

Wednesday Night @ 6:30 PM
Sunday Morning @ 9 AM 

All are welcome...what does that really mean?
That phrase is used so often, especially as churches seek to be open and affirming to everyone.  It also is a hard message to live out as our prejudice, stereotypes, and sin cloud who we seek to become as a congregation, and as the Church.  But as we hope to see each other with the eyes of Christ, we strive to welcome all.  We are all saints of God, who deserve to hear of God's love and promise for our lives.

If you are searching for a worshiping community, you are a welcomed person in this place.  If you are a young child, your voice is an important reminder of life.  If you are gay, you are blessed here.  If you are rich or poor, you have gifts to share.  If you are Lutheran or Catholic, we are all one Church.  If you are married or single, you are part of the family.  If you sing well, or cannot carry a tune, you still praise God.  If you are black or white, you are invited to the table.  If you are disabled or speak a different language, we will do ministry together.  If you have never missed a worship service, or have never been to one, you are invited to fellowship.  If you have ever been excluded by family, friends, or even the chuch, you will be accepted.

Come, all are welcome.
We Celebrate with our Confirmation Students as they affirm faith in a God who is always reforming us and the Church!
All Committee Ministry Night 
2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8 PM

A night for committees to meet, collaborate, discuss, as we share ministry together.  All committees of the congregation are invited to be part of this night and use this night as designated for meeting, especially the standing committees of the Congregational Council (e.g. Life and Growth, Property, Worship/Music, Education, Stewardship, Outreach, Youth, Memorial/Gift).  

Hope you can join us!

Did you miss a Sunday, or just want to "re-hear" something from the message?  Recent Sermons are available in text format under the Worship tab.
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 updates and special services.
Congregational Life!
Love the smiles!